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Yoga and healing arts - which forms the foundation of this practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community.
Acroyoga is for everyone. age doesn't matter - let your inner child play; size doesn't matter - it's all about technique. as you learn to support others, you end up allowing yourself to be supported. this is a fundamental of trust: take control by letting go.


work in

Gongs generate powerful, intense healing vibrations which create deep relaxation and state of meditation. This stimulates the release of stress, and any other blocks that may have set deep inside our inner self, on a cellular level. They create a multi–sensory experience and support a healing journey to inner peace, calm and inspiration. Feel the tension melt away to a gentle state of lightness.


All are welcome. No experience in meditation required.


Attend a transformative, relaxing and healing sound bath as we pair up 2 perfect harmonious healing instruments. Soak in the soothing sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls and highly harmonized Therapy Harp with wonderful vibration potential to bring you a deeply immersive, full-body listening experience, intentionally using sound to invite gentle yet powerfully therapeutic and restorative effects to the mind and body. 


Enjoy the unique custom soundscape created for you. The frequencies supports deep states of relaxation where you can shake off (literally!) the past, clearing the way to attract the life you desire. Don’t miss the chance to experience these incredible instrument’s healing powers!


All are welcome! No experience in meditation required.




Immerse yourself in the journey of deep relaxation as we allow the vibrational sound healing from the Crystal Bowls and Chimes to penetrate deep into our very cells and rebalances them through oscillation and resonance, addressing the blockages that form within our energy channels. This helps to open, clear and balance the entire chakra system and re-energize the auric field, making healing possible on all levels.

This is truly a profound therapy session that will alter your state of mind and leave you speechless and deeply cleansed. It will probably be like nothing you’ve ever tried before. It’s truly musical medicine that awakens and heals the Spirit!

All are welcome! No experience in meditation required.



work out

Learn the foundations of Yoga through this alignment-based practice that brings wisdom to your asanas. Don't underestimate the power of basic classes, you might even break a sweat! Ideal for beginners and seasoned practitioners looking to refine their practice. 


No prior yoga experience required.


This class use both active and passive stretching to open and release the major muscle groups of the entire body. Calling all runners, spinners, constant-sitter, and never-quitters. Whether you're training for a half-marathon, pushing weights, or stuck behind a desk all day, this stretch class is definitely for you.

All are welcome. No prior experience in yoga required.


Learn how to activate your core muscles to improve your Yoga practice. Strengthening the core also helps to relieve back pain and improve your posture, great for people experiencing back pain or recovering from spinal injuries.


No prior yoga experience required.


In this class, we will cover inversions and their proper alignment to set ourselves up for success. We'll guide you through the foundational, in-depth instruction and guidance into different inversions (headstand, forearm stand, handstand, shoulderstand and variations of them) in a way that will dissolve fear for students of all levels. Learn how to access these empowering poses and incorporate them into your regular yoga practice with ease. Time to turn your world upside down!


Bring depth and clarity into your practice as you move through fluid transitions from asanas to asanas. Flow with one breath one movment to build strength and flexibility while settling your mind to it's natural rhythm. 

Suitable for students with a basic understanding of yoga poses.


make connections


Learn the building blocks of L-basing which focuses on techniques. Build strength and find balance while learning how to trust and communicate effectively with your partner or even a total stranger! Develop a strong foundation as base or flyer, either on the ground or on your partner's feet.


Suitable for students with a basic understanding of yoga poses.


Learn how to fully trust your partner or even a total stranger while flowing through transitions in harmony. This dynamic practice allows you to build trust within yourself to lean on your partner for guidance and open up your heart. Learn to support others, and allow yourself to be supported, all while having fun! It's playtime!


Suitable for practitioners with a consistent acroyoga practice.