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about us

Our vision is to imbue the embodiment Yoga in everything we do. This means honouring all aspects of ourselves, the journey that others are on and becoming one in body, mind and spirit as we go about our daily lives in the external world. Using the elements of Yoga as tools of introspections (Work In) and physical practice (Work Out), our mission is to create a healthier mental and physical you in order to become beacons of light towards people around us (Make Connections).

work in

By harnessing the elemental aspects of Yoga as tools of introspection, we embark on a transformative journey inward—delving deep into the realms of our thoughts, emotions, and consciousness. This process, often referred to as "Work In," encapsulates the essence of using Yoga's elements as catalysts for exploring the inner landscapes of our being.

work out

The "Work Out" aspect of yoga is a powerful vehicle for cultivating physical strength, flexibility, and balance. Through a dedicated and mindful engagement with the body, we unlock a deeper understanding of our physical potential. Each pose becomes an opportunity for exploration, inviting us to embrace challenges and push our limits while fostering a sense of vitality and well-being.

make connections

When we become beacons of light, we channel the power of authenticity and empathy. By embracing our true selves and engaging in genuine and heartfelt connections, we create a safe haven for others to do the same. Our openness becomes an invitation, encouraging others to shed their masks and share their stories, thereby fostering an environment of trust and vulnerability.
You’ll find a community that embraces all levels of practice within a respectful, welcoming and compassionate environment. While we all navigate the meaning of self-care, we encourage the practice of taking time and space for YOU, allowing for our tribe to find peace, friendship, inspiration, motivation and love within our community. 🤍

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Yoga Mats

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the team

Our skilled teachers shape our yoga community and are committed to enriching your yoga journey. With their expertise, your exploration of yoga becomes transformative, fostering growth, discovery, and a deeper connection with your practice. Whether you're new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, our instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.
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