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We're all about building a strong community and forming meaningful connections. You'll discover a welcoming environment where practitioners of every level come together in a spirit of respect and compassion. Given our strong focus on community, our experienced instructors, who play an essential role in this studio, are equally devoted to helping you enhance and refine your yoga journey.

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jyan y

wants to sprinkle a little inspiration and a whole lot of joy, leaving a trail of happiness wherever she go.

lc chong

wants to seek out wonders and know the world beyond the self.

elyn chong

wants to personally cultivate and share meaningful experiences that enrich the lives of those around her.

mandi cheung

wants to integrate wellness into our urban society through sharing various modalities/tools in helping others cope and manage their well-being.

aly hassan

wants to empower people to care and love themselves through therapy and Inside Flow.

jeremy heng

wants to help you find a little bit of joy and a lot of peace in life.

shuping lim

is all about choosing positivity and finding value in making a difference to people's lives, be it small or big.

elysia koh

is all about spreading smiley energy to people around her and appreciating little joys in life.

carissa wong

wants to tell people that yoga is for anyone and everyone

bee b

want to share and inspire others to connect with their inner self by finding their own pace & focusing on self-compassion & gratitude.

meet our YTT graduates

Introducing our new graduates from the recent 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training! We're amazed by their dedication and passion as they take their journey forward. Brace yourself for upcoming community classes that'll gently challenge you while fostering a sense of peace and mindfulness within.

Their classes will be on a pay-as-you-wish (PAYW) basis and current members may use your class packs + memberships to join in as well. Your support means the world to them as they embark on their journey to level up their teaching skills. 💪🏼

adi kesuma

wants to create a safe space for everyone to be their authentic self.

kay grace lee

is here to make a difference through music and movement.

sam chng

is here to spread laughter, create a safe & trusting space for all.

fran loh

wants to support others through their journey of self-discovery.

mon wang

wants to hold a safe space for all to train mind, body, and be authentic.

kara lim

is about creating meaningful and aesthetic experiences.

regina tan

seeks to inspire others to find balance between the mind & body.


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