jiamin yang

Founder of Jyan Yoga Studio, Jiamin’s training background as an international Ballroom dancer and Yoga teacher has given her a thorough understanding of body movement and mental awareness that is rooted in the the practices. She aims to help every individual achieve their goals and hopes  to inspire others through her own practice. Bringing joy, happiness and a sense of community through the Yoga and Acro practice is her biggest motivation and what truly fulfils her heart and soul. 

shirlyn tan

Shirlyn started her yoga journey in 2015 with an intention of trying out something new from the cardio workouts that satisfied her constant need for a sweat fest. Since then, she has been showing up on the mat day after day and is constantly intrigued by the amazing new discoveries about herself through the practice that taught her to simply breathe, just be and watch the magic happen, on and off the mat.


Shirlyn is a huge believer of Sthira Sukham Asanam and strives to inspire her students to find steadiness and comfort in every pose; and push her students a little further to reveal that strength that they already have regardless of the fear they believe.

catherine teo

Intuitive, humble and down to earth, Catherine has always been curious about subtle energies and alternative forms of therapy. After experiencing her first Gong Bath in 2017, she fell in love with the amazing resonance of the Gong and the feeling of lightness and catharsis.

From that moment on, she has been committed to honing her skills as a sound practitioner, getting trained by Martha Collard from Red Doors Studios and dedicated to sharing the healing properties of the Gong with people from all walks of life. 

wendy lum

Wendy had her intriguing and mind-blowing experiences with AcroYoga, Reiki, and Sound Healing. Her keen sense of curiosity and passion led her to a journey of deep learning and exploration to answer her calling.

All 3 amazing modalities have given her the opportunity to not only ground and heal but also listen to her heart and hearing that quiet voice within.  As she dwelled deeper into her Yoga practice, Reiki and Sound Healing journey, she discovered that combining these modalities can be a very powerful healing and transformative tool. She experiences greater joy by giving and this is the gift that she would love to share with the world.

kaiching tay

Kai Ching is a certified yoga teacher and has been practising Hatha and Vinyasa yoga since 2015. The charm of her yoga practice is the mindfulness and moving meditation that unfolds throughout the class that helps to guide you back to the breath- especially when things get tough!

During the times that KC isn’t practising yoga, you might find her with a book in one hand, and a coffee in another, lounging on a couch. Throw caution into the wind as you approach her, because she’s usually with a huge toothy smile! 

zhaochin tok

Yoga has been a part of Zhao Chin’s life for over 7 years. Her practice has not only helped her to develop an innate sense of calmness, but also to grow stronger physically and mentally. She believes that Yoga is a form of self-awareness, by listening to her body through each practice.

She is also a strong believer of getting your basics postures and alignment right. At the same time, Zhao Chin loves to incorporate interesting poses into her sequence to make her classes more engaging. She hopes to help her students deepen their practice by bringing an attitude of self-discovery, challenge, fun and consciousness into every class.

lc chong

​For LC, yoga is a daily expression of gratitude for a body she never felt comfortable in growing up. The first time she did yoga was pure, sweaty joy. From that point on, the search for improvement in the physical asanas led her onto the mat each day to practise. Little did she know, she was developing a daily Sadhana, one that would root her and guide her when things get tough.

LC’s classes are designed to lead practitioners in exactly the same way she was led- by focusing on the joy of movement, getting comfortable in their own skin, and encourage them to develop a daily practice. Through that, students can then begin to cultivate a relationship with themselves, and learn to find contentment in being just as they are.

jeremy heng

Jeremy's classes are a reflection his own personal journey - at times sweaty, always compassionate, with a sense of grounded-ness, and most of all, an emphasis on the simple enjoyment of a daily practice.

He believes that yoga is a transformation of one’s inner and outer self, and he hopes to share his love for yoga. He also loves making silly videos and fried chicken! 

maylis cao

Maylis started her Yoga journey a few years ago as she was drawn by the quality of Dharana (Concentration). She believes that the practise of Yoga is not limited to the mat, but it also extends to your way of living.

There are no shortcuts in life and likewise, in the practice of Yoga. Maylis finds joy and fulfilment in guiding her students as they take baby steps towards their final goal. Her sequences are challenging, fun and dynamic. 

avelyn alko

Alvelyn is chockfull of high energy and positive vibes, constantly inspiring others to challenge themselves physically. 

Before finding yoga, Alvelyn grew up skateboarding, an aggressive sport that unfortunately left her with ankle issues. Her yoga journey began in 2013 in an effort to rehabilitate her injury. Throughout her yoga journey, she discovered the mental and physical benefits of yoga and achieved greater self awareness. Fun is guaranteed in all her classes as she incorporates music and beats to her sequence.

kexin tay

Kexin started practicing yoga 10 years ago, to heal from a broken heart. Thereafter, yoga has been a constant throughout her life, from her schooling days until now.

Certified In Hatha Vinyasa (200hr), Kex aspires towards having grace and fluidity in strength. As a teacher, Kex strongly believes in providing her students with a loving and accepting environment to thrive in. Don’t be deceived by her friendly smile though, her workouts can be quite challenging!

“Yoga is not a work-out, it is a work in”. She firmly believes that everyone deserves undivided attention to themselves, and she hopes to guide her students into that space and awareness.

elysia koh

With the intention of pursuing a healthier lifestyle, Elysia embarked on her yoga journey in 2016. Through the practice, she found comfort being on the mat, being present, slowing down and listening - to the body and the mind. Inspired by her teacher and keen on bringing her practice to the next level, she attained her YTT 200 hrs certification in 2019.

Elysia believes in sharing the joy of yoga and helping students find their safe space, while learning and growing with fellow practitioners.

aishyn lam

Having gone through a life-changing YTT in Koh Samui, Aishyn was inspired to become a yoga instructor to help others improve their physical being and practice. Yoga serves as a reminder for her to constantly improve and not remain stagnant.

Join her in finding a balance between strength and flexibility in class. Bring awareness to the alignment of your body while having fun exploring a variety of poses and transitions.

elyn chong

In 2014, Elyn decided to break out of her office routine while keeping her waistline in check. She started hot yoga and fell in love with the intensity of strength, balance and focus required to flow in class. Shortly after pursuing her YTT in Power Vinyasa, she chanced upon AcroYoga and discovered a whole different world of yoga and surprising challenge through partner collaboration.


It was the rebirth of yoga all over again for her which led her to take up numerous AcroYoga trainings and certification. Being a trusted AcroYoga instructor now, Elyn’s goal is to bring the fun of AcroYoga to yogis who seek greater heights and challenges in their practice!

xiu xiu

Xiuxiu started her Acro journey since she was 12 years old and has been teaching aerial and acrobatic skills since 2008. She has a contagious enthusiasm for the things she love- kids, circus arts, performing and creating the best life she can for herself and others.


Through Acroyoga, she aims to empower each individual and forge a sense of community within the studio. 

derrick tan

Derrick is a curious explorer who traverses the vast yet interconnected realms of embodiment in Sustainable Architecture, Living Design, Mindful Yoga, Wellness Coaching and Plant-based Nourishment.


He recognises that with the courage to shift our perceptions and expand our own observer, the topography of life transforms into a profound journey of discovery with authentic textures unfolding in presence, awareness and compassion.

fiona teo

Fiona is a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Channeller & Shamanic Practitioner. She believes that healing can be accelerated through energy work.

Combining the various modalities of energy practices and yoga into her teachings, she channels her knowledge of Universal Energy to support you in gaining self-awareness, connecting to heart, grounding self and bring calming sense to your body and spirit. Fiona believes that everyone is a healer within.