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bee b




happy go lucky

what is your mission?

share and inspire others to connect with their inner self by finding their own pace, and focusing on self-compassion and gratitude

what classes do you teach?

sound bath, invert, core, stretch, flow, yin

what's your teaching style?

no one can leave my classes without a good chuckle because, really, why be so serious when you are off the clock?

some fun facts about yourself

- always mistaken as an intern
- love it whenever students request pics/videos of their beautiful asana-s
- secretly a nap enthusiast, and without enough sleep, I turn into a monstrous bee

what is something you're currently working on?

growing taller (I bee-lieve I still can)

quote you live by

"You don't have to learn it all on your own" - We are each other's teacher. We share what we learned. We celebrate every single small improvement.

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