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Sin Yee first sought yoga out as a complement to her fitness routine. A typical cardio bunny, Sin Yee always sought fast, intense cardio workouts like boxing, netball, and long distance running. With a battered, constantly sore body, she gave yoga a shot and never looked back. What started out as a complement soon became her main practice.

Over the course of her yoga practice, Sin Yee learnt to slow down (both on and off the mat) and appreciate the nuances and importance of proper alignment in every yoga pose. She did not stray too far from her active roots – she still enjoys funky, fast and dynamic flows, and hopes to guide students through a class that would marry both the fast and the mellow. 

Off the mat, Sin Yee enjoys catching up with friends over a good cuppa or a meal. Worry not about approaching her after class - she’d be more than happy to make another friend! Sin Yee's favourite part about yoga is not the asana or the mindfulness, but the community and connections that she forms with each person she meets.