upcoming workshops
upcoming workshops
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ready, float, fly pt. 2
with Maylis

30th January 2021,

Saturday 1 to 3pm

We know Yoga is not all about the crazy poses - but it’s fun to challenge yourself and break your limits! It may seem impossible to achieve all the poses in a day, but this workshop will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge on how to find ease in taking flight gradually in your regular practice.

Poses Covered:

  • Flying Crow/ Pigeon/ Grasshopper variations

  • Chinstand (transitions from and to it)

  • Forearm Stand (variations + transitions)

intro to acroyoga
with jiamin

5th February 2021

Friday, 7 to 9pm

Regardless of whether you’re a couple looking for fun ways to enhance your relationship, or simply looking for fun ways to workout - we’re rolling out this introductory workshop to feed your curiosity about the world of Acroyoga.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to build strength, trust, confidence and communication skills as we guide you though a series of basic Acroyoga poses and flows. Suitable for complete beginners or practitioners looking to refine their practice!

*With the latest updated advisory, contact sports are permitted with modification to avoid extensive body contact. Students are required to sanitise their hands and feet before and after class and there will be strictly no mingling between groups. Students are advised to keep their masks on at all times.*

acro FUNdamentals
4-week immersion
with jiamin

20th, 27th Feb, 6th, 13th March 2021

every Saturday, 10am to 12pm

Looking for a new hobby in 2021?

Come and try Acroyoga with us - get a killer (but fun) workout while building a community with other awesome peeps!

Learn the basic Acroyoga poses and explore the key principles of basing, flying, and spotting to establish and strengthen fun Acroyoga flows in a safe and supportive environment. At the end of the 4-week intensive, you will foster a greater sense of trust and connection within yourself and with others.

In this smaller and intimate class setting, you’ll receive more individual attention from our instructors.

Suitable for students with 0-6 months experience - you don’t need to be strong, or flexible or have done lots of (or any) yoga. For real!

No partner required - don't be shy, come alone and make some new friends!

past workshops
ready, float, fly pt. 1
with Maylis


23rd January 2021,

Saturday 1 to 3pm

Do you find yourself thinking “I’m not strong enough” or “I just can’t do it” every time your teacher cues an arm balance or inversion in class? Time to get out of your head and into your body - you are capable of so much more than you think!


Join Maylis in this 2-part workshop to unlock the secrets to floating with ease and lightness, as she breaks down each pose to guide you safely and effectively while taking flight. Build strength, confidence and overcome your fear in a safe and supportive environment.


Poses Covered:

  • Crow pose (+ variations + transitions from and to it)

  • Twisted arm balances (Side crow and Koundinyasana B)

  • Headstand (Sirsasana A+B)

2021 manifestation workshop
with Fiona 

16th January 2021, Saturday

7 to 9pm

You are a powerful creator - learn to create the love, wealth, health, success and happiness you desire. 

☕️ Drink ceremonial cacao to access the temple deep within your heart, surrender into what is and discover your inner desires.

✨ Understand energy, aura & light; and how we can use light, vibration and frequency to protect, ground and connect with our higher Self.

🎵 Shamanic sound healing for vibrational re-alignment, to clear blocked energy and be in harmony with your soul.

🕯️ Reflect, set and journal our resolutions what we want to manifest.

Join us for this transformational workshop if you're looking to create your best life in 2021!

advanced backbends
with Shirlyn 

20th December 2020, Sunday

1 to 3pm

Time to level up your backbend practice! In this workshop, we’ll go through some fundamental alignment principles and techniques to increase mobility and keep you safe and strong in backbends. After warming up, we’ll deepen the practice and explore variations and transitions in foundational backbend postures. But don’t worry, no stress, we’ll explore ‘em all in a fun and safe manner. :)

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