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upcoming workshops
invert FUNdamentals
with sandy

9th Aug, Tuesday,

3pm to 5pm


New to inversions? In this workshop, you will learn how to get past your fear of going upside down, build confidence, and advance your practice beyond what you thought you were capable of. You'll also learn how to use props to assist you in your invert journey.

If you are already comfortable with inversions, the arms and core drills will definitely value-added to your skills and level up inversions and transitions that you’ve been trying to achieve.

Expect a strong and playful class, as you feel the power of taking flight and seeing the world from a new perspective!

$55 per pax

$45 for early bird before 31st July

past workshops
asana exploration series
with elysia

5th, 12th, 19th and 26th Mar, Saturday,

10am to 12pm

In this 4-week series, we’ll go into an in-depth exploration of asanas as we learn how to use the alignment lines on our signature Align mat as a visual aid to navigate through the practice.


Explore the different possibilities as your practice progresses! Perfect for students who are relatively new or looking to dive deeper into their personal practice.


Session 1: sun salutations + standing poses

Session 2: hips + hamstrings

Session 3: backbends + twist

Session 4: arm balance + inversions

$55 per session | $180 for all 4 sessions


Session 4, 26th Mar | Arm balances & inversions

Do you find yourself thinking “I’m not strong enough” or “I just can’t do it” every time your teacher cues an arm balance or inversion in class? Time to get out of your head and into your body - you are capable of so much more than you think!

Time to unlock the secrets to floating with ease and lightness as we break down each pose to guide you safely and effectively while taking flight. Build strength, confidence and overcome your fear of going upside down in a safe and supportive environment. Expect a strong and playful class, as you feel the power of taking flight and seeing the world from a new perspective!

Session 3, 19th Mar | Backbends & twists

Many may find backbends intimidating but when performed correctly, it can be therapeutic and helps to release tension (both physically and emotionally). We will explore backbends in depth and their application for different body types. We will look at alignment and variations for all levels, with the usage of props to aid or deepen your practice. 

Twists are neutralising poses for deep backbends, also great for creating movement in and around our organs for detox purposes. We’ll work on lengthening and rotation of the spine to create space in between the vertebrae.

Time to get curious about your practice, and we promise you’ll feel energised and refreshed after the session!


Session 2, 12th Mar | Hips & hamstrings

Do you struggle with tight and/or weak hips and hamstrings? Time to improve on your mobility and flexibility!

But first..what’s the difference between flexibility and mobility?

Flexibility is the body's ability to move passively into a posture, such as half splits and pyramid pose with the help of gravity.

Mobility is the body's ability to engage and control stabilizing muscles to actively move in and out of a posture, such as standing splits, progressing towards the full range of motion.

Find freedom and release deeply held tension and tightness in your hips and hamstrings. Come along to explore, experiment and have fun!


Suitable for all levels.

Session 1, 5th Mar | Sun Salutations + Standing Poses

In this workshop, we will break down each asana that forms the Sun Salutation sequences and basic standing poses that are commonly used in Flow classes.

Everyone has a different body structure. We’ll dive deep into understanding ourselves, along with the alignment and modifications that will suit our practice better. To connect the poses, we’ll learn safe transitional movements and explore the conscious connection between breath and movement.

The session will offer you a strong foundation and understanding of the energetic Sun Salutation sequences and basic transitions to help you to deepen your practice. Perfect for anyone who is new to Yoga or looking to refine their practice.

c2950699-3845-4493-841a-a9ed79e6a67f 2.jpg
international women's day:
emPOWERing flow

with kexin

6th March 2022

10.30am to 11.30am

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

Join Kexin as we celebrate International Women's Day with an empowering 60-minute outdoor yoga and meditation practice. She will guide you through a multi-level power flow class to expand and deepen your practice. Let's take this time to embrace yourself and honour women of all shapes and sizes.

$20 per session

YINtention: qualities of love
with derrick

12th, 19th and 26th Feb (Every Saturday)

to 7:30pm

February is the month dedicated to love. It’s not only about valentines and sweethearts, instead, it can also be a month for self-love and self-care by fostering a relationship with yourself.


Presenting a contemplative series of practices that invites us to reflect on the Qualities of Love through Yin Yoga with Derrick. He will lead you through guided meditation, yin postures, and an introspective practice to explore what love means to you, as well as affirm a love that nourishes and sustains, and one what supports your whole well-being.


Session One: Unconditional Love

Session Two: Merging Love

Session Three: Precious Love

$45 per session | $118 for all 3 sessions

Details below!

Session One: Unconditional Love

What classifies perfectly as unconditional love? Do we give it? Should we expect anything in return? How may we uncover the sweet unconditional quality of Love?


Session Two: Merging Love

How do patterns and boundaries show up in our everyday life? How do we respond to the relationships that we have with ourselves, with others and with our loved ones? How may we uncover the soft merging quality of Love?


Session Three: Precious Love

What is this sense of lack and deficiency that we experience? How do we measure our worth and value? What do we treasure most? How may we uncover the exquisite precious quality of Love?

wheel yoga workshop
wheel: 4-week series
with zhao chin, shirlyn, elysia & jiamin

21st, 28th Aug | 4th, 11th Sep (Every Saturday)

9.30am to 11.00am

This is how we roll!

In this 4-week series, we’ll explore how to use the Yoga wheel to either assist us in poses or transitions that may be challenging for us; or use it to challenge and elevate our Yoga practice.

Session 1 (21 Aug): Basic wheel flow 
Session 2 (28 Aug): Backbends + Twists
Session 3 (4 Sep): Hips + Hamstrings  
Session 4 (11 Sep): Arm balances + Inversions


Limited studio mat availability, remember to bring your own wheel for class!

P.S: You’re gonna have a wheel-y good time!!!

Sign up for any of our workshops and get 30% off our Yoga Wheel (additional $68 instead of U.P $98).

Email us at to purchase. If you're joining us on livestream, do order one week in advance as delivery would take about 3-5 days.

acro playdate
with elyn & xiuxiu

20 July 2021, Thursday

5.00pm to 7.00pm

The Power of Play for Adults

Who said that playdates are just meant for kids? Adults can have fun too! Take this opportunity to develop trust and communication in this safe space. Take on the challenge of trying something new with loved ones, or even a new friend! 


Improve the quality of your personal relationships through this fun acro session. It will definitely be an experience like no other.

Learn, laugh and play!

elyn & xx.jpg
Mother's Day.png
mother's day crystal bowl & reiki healing
with fiona & wendy

9 May 2021, Sunday,

5.15pm to 6.55pm

Experience the combination of Alchemy Crystal Bowls and Reiki Crystal Healing. Allowing all of her stress, worries and anxieties to melt away. Finding a place of acceptance to welcome balance and peace.

Give your Mother this wonderful healing experience that on this special day!

new moon sacred women's ceremony
with fiona

13 May 2021, Saturday,

8pm to 10pm

Every one of us are shaped by our unique experiences, challenges and triumphs. This International Women's Day, we'll come together and celebrate you - the strength of the sacred feminine.

We will begin with cacao-drinking ceremony to open and heal our hearts, accompanied by ecstatic movement and dance to set our body free. We'll end the ceremony with a deep and soulful Yin practice to slow down and harmonize our entire being. Tap onto the power of new moon to ruminate on your decisions and experiences, to rejuvenate yourselves so you can start the next lunar cycle on a clean slate.

introductory workshop to kundalini yoga
with noel

20 March 2021, Saturday,

8pm to 10pm

The breath and its flow in the body determines your emotional base. The quantity, quality, and circulation of the breath creates the foundation of a vital and creative life. Most people do not breathe correctly. 


During this workshop, the focus will be on the Breath and the Lungs. We will learn basic breathing techniques that you can apply at any moment in your life. We will do exercises to expand and purify the lungs, improving circulation throughout the body. Cleaner and more oxygenated blood helps the brain and other organs work better. Come and experience the difference in energy and control.

No prior experience required. Come in an attire that allows you to move comfortably and a floor towel to lay over your yoga mat.

couple yoga
with lc & jeremy

14 February 2021, Sunday,

10am to 12pm

Join our power couple in this workshop! We'll flow through a series of poses and explore partners stretches and poses that teaches you how to support and assist each other in your Yoga practice.

From stretching your levels of trust to strengthening your communication skills, couple yoga can have a positive effect on your relationship that extends far beyond the physical. Join us this V-Day with your special someone

acroyoga playdate
with jiamin & brandon

14 February 2021, Sunday,

1pm to 3pm

When was the last time you lost track of time while having fun?

Playing together brings joy, vitality, and resilience to relationships; it can also heal resentments and disagreements. Through that, we learn to trust one another and feel safe. Building that trust enables us to work together, open ourselves to intimacy, and try new things. By making a conscious effort to incorporate more humour and play into your daily interactions, you can improve the quality of your personal relationships with your friends, lovers and family.

Join us this V-Day as we explore the power of play! Single? Come alone with an open heart and open mind to foster new connections. Happily in love? Learn to take your relationship to a whole new level, literally.

valentine's day:
sound immersion therapy

with catherine, wendy & fiona

14 February 2021, Sunday,

4:30pm to 6:30pm

Valentine's Day is the celebration of love, a feeling that permeates through all relationships in our lives.

This V-Day, treat yourself and your loved ones to a relaxing sound immersion therapy session. Explore your 'work in' journey together to connect and heal our heart chakras. Take this time to enhance your self-love and radiate love to people around us.

Joining forces with our resident Sound Healers, Wendy and Catherine, together with Shamanic and Energy Healer, Fiona.

Fiona will open the event by gathering all attendees to participate in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony to open up our hearts and singing a mantra to invoke the divine energies into the space. She will use her Shamanic drum and shakers to guide your higher-self into your sacred space to meet your spirit guides.

Wendy will be playing with her Alchemy Crystal Bowls which emit powerful pure resonance, sending out tremendous energy creating soundscapes of crystalline, transformational and celestial frequencies.

Catherine will invoke our deep transformative energies with her powerful Gong, sending each attendee into a deeper inner space with the resonance and overtones.

intro to acroyoga
with jiamin

5 February 2021, Friday,

7pm to 9pm

Regardless of whether you’re a couple looking for fun ways to enhance your relationship, or simply looking for fun ways to workout - we’re rolling out this introductory workshop to feed your curiosity about the world of Acroyoga.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to build strength, trust, confidence and communication skills as we guide you though a series of basic Acroyoga poses and flows. Suitable for complete beginners or practitioners looking to refine their practice!

*With the latest updated advisory, contact sports are permitted with modification to avoid extensive body contact. Students are required to sanitise their hands and feet before and after class and there will be strictly no mingling between groups. Students are advised to keep their masks on at all times.

acro FUNdamentals
4-week immersion

with jiamin

20, 27 February, 6, 13 March 2021, Saturday,

10am to 12pm

Looking for a new hobby in 2021?

Come and try Acroyoga with us - get a killer (but fun) workout while building a community with other awesome peeps!

Learn the basic Acroyoga poses and explore the key principles of basing, flying, and spotting to establish and strengthen fun Acroyoga flows in a safe and supportive environment. At the end of the 4-week intensive, you will foster a greater sense of trust and connection within yourself and with others.

In this smaller and intimate class setting, you’ll receive more individual attention from our instructors.

Suitable for students with 0-6 months experience - you don’t need to be strong, or flexible or have done lots of (or any) yoga. For real!

No partner required - don't be shy, come alone and make some new friends!

ready, float, fly pt. 2
with maylis

30 January 2021, Saturday,

1pm to 3pm

We know Yoga is not all about the crazy poses - but it’s fun to challenge yourself and break your limits! It may seem impossible to achieve all the poses in a day, but this workshop will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge on how to find ease in taking flight gradually in your regular practice.

Poses Covered:

Flying Crow/ Pigeon/ Grasshopper variations

Chinstand (transitions from and to it)

Forearm Stand (variations + transitions)

IMG_5155 2_edited.jpg
ready, float, fly pt. 1
with maylis

23 January 2021, Saturday,

1pm to 3pm

Do you find yourself thinking “I’m not strong enough” or “I just can’t do it” every time your teacher cues an arm balance or inversion in class? Time to get out of your head and into your body - you are capable of so much more than you think!


Join Maylis in this 2-part workshop to unlock the secrets to floating with ease and lightness, as she breaks down each pose to guide you safely and effectively while taking flight. Build strength, confidence and overcome your fear in a safe and supportive environment.


Poses Covered:

Crow pose (+ variations + transitions from and to it)

Twisted arm balances (Side crow and Koundinyasana B)

Headstand (Sirsasana A+B)

2021 manifestation workshop
with fiona

16 January 2021, Saturday,

7pm to 9pm

You are a powerful creator - learn to create the love, wealth, health, success and happiness you desire. 

☕️ Drink ceremonial cacao to access the temple deep within your heart, surrender into what is and discover your inner desires.

✨ Understand energy, aura & light; and how we can use light, vibration and frequency to protect, ground and connect with our higher Self.

🎵 Shamanic sound healing for vibrational re-alignment, to clear blocked energy and be in harmony with your soul.

🕯️ Reflect, set and journal our resolutions what we want to manifest.

Join us for this transformational workshop if you're looking to create your best life in 2021!

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advanced backbends
with shirlyn

20 December 2020, Sunday,

1pm to 3pm

Time to level up your backbend practice! In this workshop, we’ll go through some fundamental alignment principles and techniques to increase mobility and keep you safe and strong in backbends. After warming up, we’ll deepen the practice and explore variations and transitions in foundational backbend postures. But don’t worry, no stress, we’ll explore ‘em all in a fun and safe manner. :)

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